The Trouble With Bullies

Release Date: June 27, 2019

The trouble with bullies is… they hate when you stand up to them.

I used to be on top. I used to rule the school. Then one cruel act knocked me off my pedestal and Christian was more than happy to ride me down.

Christian Moreau: resident bad boy, former best friend, now my tormentor. Nobody dared to stand up to him until one girl, a bottle of vodka, and a shove changed everything.

Yeah, that girl was me.

If only I had known what that shove would set off.

A war with the Queen Bee of Meadow Creek. Long-hidden dark secrets revealed. And Christian Moreau moving in down the hall.

Christian lures me into his game, but he’s not the only bully that came to play.

Can I handle the price of playing when winning may grant me his heart… but losing could cost me my life?

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