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Broken Alphas. Badass Women.

Ruby Vincent is a published author with many novels under her belt but now she's taking a fun foray into contemporary romance. She loves saucy heroines, bold alpha males, and weaving a tale where both get their happy ever after.

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Ruckus Royale

The town of Bedlam was born of rioters, revolt, pain, and murder.

Over a hundred years later, nothing has changed.

A shadow clings to our lives. Stalking, watching, waiting, taunting, and killing. And when it struck, I wasn’t ready.

I have to play their game now. Catch them, kill them, before Ruckus Royale or they’ll claim another sacrifice.

The trouble is a new band of outlaws are in charge, and Arsenio, Cairo, Jacques, Legend, and Roan don’t take well to people ruining their fun.

On the one night a year where anything goes, mayhem will sweep through the streets and the Kings of Ruckus will rule.

I have my orders. A life to save and a life to take.

And when my punishment comes for framing the Bedlam Boys, I’ll welcome it. I’ll let them bind me, chain me, and strip me of the sweet, innocent girl I never got to be.

Under their twisted, scorching love I will atone for the crimes paid and the ones still to come.

In the end, Bedlam will be brought to its knees to bow before its first queen.


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I saw something I shouldn’t have and now I’ve been Marked.

They’ll do everything they can to break me but they don’t know the monsters I’ve faced. They don’t know I’ve been broken before.

If they want to take on Valentina Moon… bring it on.

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Those four will know a pain far worse than what I’ve endured.

They tore me apart until there was nothing left… and now I’m going to return the favor.

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Five people bound by the most terrible secret… and something else.

Someone knows what we did and the price for their silence may be more than I can give.

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This will be my hardest term yet.

Not just for the horror of the present, but for the uncertainty of my future. How can I have a life with my knights when someone is determined that I don’t survive my senior year at all?

But I will find them. I will expose them.

And by the end… only one will be left standing.

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Orientation Week

The first school of its kind where survival of the fittest is not a saying, it’s your reality.

Ruled by those who are elite in name, beauty, and cunning; Breakbattle takes the war of the classes to a whole new level.

The next four years of my life will be a fight the likes of which I can’t yet comprehend, but first I have to survive orientation week.

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The Plan

Breakbattle wants us to fight and the boys are happy to oblige.

No one will help me. No one can. I either show I’m strong enough to rise, or I suffer at the bottom where I belong.

They’ll try to break me. They may even succeed. But I can’t leave. I can’t reveal myself.

I became Zeke for one reason… and I’m not done yet.

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The Execution

Tensions are boiling beneath the surface of Breakbattle Academy. Protests are erupting, the lower classes are fighting back, and the Elites aren’t as invulnerable as they thought. The school is ready to blow.

All they need is the right girl to light the match.

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The Judgement

The balance of power is shifting. What began as peaceful protests are spiraling into something more dangerous… even deadly.

The Elite Class can’t stop what’s coming next, but I’ve sacrificed everything to be one of them.

What will my boys have to sacrifice for me?

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The Elites

Someone is determined to bring us down, but with enemies on all sides, the suspects are endless and I’m running out of time.

I’m not the only one who came to Breakbattle with a plan.

A legacy of deception, sabotage, and death will no longer be ignored, but this time the innocent may pay the price.

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A New Kind of Bully Romance
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